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We believe that stripping and waxing floors are an important part of keeping your facility clean and presentable. High-traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit and this can give an otherwise beautiful floor an appearance that leaves a lot to be desired. No matter what shape your floors are in, our properly trained technicians can have your floor looking good as new. Using the most professional and eco-friendly equipment and cleaning agents, our technicians will completely strip and wax all agreed upon VCT floor space. We will then recoat all areas with an industrial grade wax.


Complete Strip and Wax


We will completely strip every inch of your VCT tile space. We will then recoat all areas with 3 layers of an industrial grade wax. With high-quality stripping and waxing, your flooring will remain clean, shiny and attractive for years to come.


Our floor stripping and waxing consist of the following steps:


1. Floor stripping: This is where we will remove the top coating of wax and any other buildup. By stripping the floors, we will remove all of the dirt and grime, leaving the floors bare.


2. Waxing: This is where we apply several layers of wax. Our industrial grade floor finish will give your floors a deep, rich protective glow. The industrial grade wax we use will protect your flooring and will make it shine like new once more.




We have been deep scrubbing and recoating VCT flooring for over 20 years. We take delicate care in preserving your flooring and, ultimately, your investment. Without proper maintenance, a hard surface floor can lose its shine and quality. High traffic areas can become worn, muddled and just plain dirty looking.


Sometimes it is not necessary to completely remove or strip off the old wax. During this process we provide a complete deep scrub of your entire VCT space. We will then recoat all scrubbed areas with our industrial grade wax. With regular and proper maintenance, we can keep your commercial or industrial VCT flooring looking shiny and new for years to come.




We are THE vinyl composite tile (VCT) scrubbing, burnishing, and waxing professionals. Without proper maintenance, hard surface floors tend to lose their quality and sheen. And with high amounts of traffic, your flooring is prone to dirt and grime. All of those dry particles can eventually dig scratches and nicks into your flooring, damaging it permanently. This tends to give your commercial or industrial establishment a less-than-professional appearance.


Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring requires special maintenance in order to retain a professional, safe and clean appearance at all times. Too much heat, water, dirt and grime can lead to a tarnished and less-than-professional floor that does absolutely nothing to enhance the customer or employee experience.


High amounts of customer traffic can cause serious wear and tear on any commercial floor. We will perform a complete analysis of all agreed upon floor space so that we may develop a customized maintenance schedule that will keep your floors looking cleaner and nicer for much longer.

We only use the most specialized floor techniques and top-rated commercial floor finishes and waxes in order to revitalize and protect your VCT flooring.


We offer routine floor care visits complete with high speed burnishing of all VCT space. This includes restrooms, break rooms, service counter areas, foyers and everywhere else. With our precision tile burnishing methods your VCT flooring will instantly achieve a more sophisticated look. We will give your VCT flooring a beautiful polish that will give it a glamorous appearance that only belongs in a professional, incredibly clean establishment.



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